[Update] Neuerungen und Updates für die Maker-Reihe

  • Update 1.8.0 für RPG Maker MZ

    • Added Feature to Display Logo at Game Startup: You can now toggle the display of a splash screen in 'System 1' settings. The image \img\system\Splash.png will be referenced for this feature.
    • If you are adding this to an existing project, please prepare your own Splash.png, or you can copy and use the Splash.png that is generated when creating a new project."
    • Improved 'Show Picture' and 'Move Picture' QuickSettings: Now displays X, Y coordinates and allows direct input for these settings.
    • Added Function to Move Pictures with Arrow Keys in Quick Settings: When using 'Show Picture' and 'Move Picture', you can now move the picture using arrow keys. Holding the Shift key moves the picture to the nearest grid, and holding the Ctrl key moves it by one pixel at a time.
    • Added Zoom Feature for 'Direct Designation' in 'Transfer Player' and Similar Commands: You can now zoom in and out when selecting locations directly.
    • Added 'ID' Search Option in Map List: You can now search maps by their ID.
    • Improved Plugin Parameters to Remember Folded State: The folded state of plugin parameters will now be remembered.
    • Disabled Message Wait During Event Fast-Forward: While holding down the confirm key to fast-forward events, the message wait is now disabled.
    • Improved Loading Time for Plugins with Numerous Parameters: Reduced the time it takes to open and close plugins that store many parameters.
    • Added Fullscreen Support Plugin StartUpFullScreen.js (dlc\BasicResources\plugins\launch).
    • Added Plugin NovelMessageMZ.js for Fullscreen Message Windows (dlc\BasicResources\plugins\launch).
    • Updated Plugins AltMenuScreen2MZ.js, BattleVoiceMZ.js, ChangeEquipOnBattleMZ.js, TinyGetInfoWndMZ.js (dlc\BasicResources\plugins\launch).
    • Added Semi-Transparent Water Tileset Materials 'Dungeon_A1_2.png', 'Inside_A1_2.png', 'Outside_A1_2.png', 'World_A1_2.png' (\dlc\BasicResources\tilesets).
    • Fixed Dot Art Issue with Outside_B.png (Trees).
    • Improved UI and Wording of Notification Settings for Better Clarity.
    • Fixed Issue Where Battle Logs Display Incorrect Text After All Enemies Are Defeated and 'Force Battle Action' Targets an Enemy.
    • Fixed Preview Position Discrepancy in Quick Settings When Picture Origin is Set to 'Center' and Width or Height is Negative.
    • Fixed Issue Where Characters Don't Become Semi-Transparent When Changing Bush Attributes in Tilesets and Placing Auto-Tiles in Specific Shapes.
    • Fixed Issue in Database Animation Screen Where 'Align Bottom' Checkbox Gets Unchecked After Certain Actions.
    • (Mac Only) Fixed Continuous Loading Issue After Pressing Tab Key Following Tab Switch in Certain Windows.
    • (Windows Only) Fixed Inconsistencies in Navigation with Tab Key and Shift+Tab Key in Certain Windows.

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